A few days’ holiday in History?

By Gery de Pierpont

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Isn’t it everyone’s dream to travel, especially when the sun is out?
What wouldn’t you give for a change of air, a change of pace or a change of scene?
And while you are about it, how about a change of century?
Let you inspire by this website and enjoy a genuine ‘holiday in history’ …

holiday in history

I am sure, if you are a history buff or a heritage fan as I am, that you like to plan for several cultural visits while on your travels. Such tours can be frustrating though, when we are pressed by a guide, or at closing time, when we find ourselves pushed out with a taste of too little. How many times have I dreamt of staying on a little longer in an old castle, once all the sightseers have left, or have wished to appreciate the drawing rooms of an old mansion as a guest, and not as a tourist, or to spend the night in the heart of a venerable medieval mill . . .

holiday in history Germany

Herberge im Kleegarten – Wanfried (Germany)

Fortunately, there are historic buildings in which it is possible to stay, and where we can extend our cultural experience. Genuinely old houses whose comfort and hospitality can still be appreciated. Some generations-old dwellings still exude such a period atmosphere that it is possible to journey into the past. This is particularly true at night when old walls begin to tell their story . . . then all you need is candlelight, a judiciously selected piece of music or a good historical novel to help you slip imperceptibly back into another era.

holiday in history Paris

Hotel Caron de Beaumarchais – Paris (France)

These historical escapades, which at once stimulate your curiosity, your senses, and your emotions, are unique experiences that will leave you with unforgettable memories . . . Some spaces built long ago are so charged with human activity that they will resonate with you—as if they want to share their old vibrations. This perception is greatly amplified at night, when silence and darkness take over the premises, leaving the old décor to tell its story.

holiday in history Malta

Old houses do sometimes murmur precious memories – especially at night! – N:2. Labini in Malta

For your next trip, why not book a room in one of these lodgings that has kept one foot in the past?—enjoy an old building that has retained enough of its original setting to let you to enter into history—a place without false ceilings, multicoloured carpets, insulated doors or air conditioning, PVC windows, TV, mini-bars or mass-produced furniture . . . A true holiday in History?

holiday in history Belgium

Taking some rest in a beautifully restored town manor in Ghent, after visiting the historic part of the lively Flemish town … © Hotel Verhaegen

Learn about these sites, their original purpose, and about the people who once lived within their walls. Then, when you are actually there, soak up the flavour of the place with your senses, your imagination and your emotions (see here for some tips to connect you further with the past).

holiday in history Italy

Santo Stefano di Sessanio Albergo diffuso – Abruzzi (Italy)

These historical cocoons are ideal for a romantic getaway, or as a background to a retro photo shoot, or simply for reading epic novels in context. There is something for everyone, for all ages,and to suit (almost) every budget. Now is the time to enjoy them, before mass tourism causes these rare period lodgings to lose their authentic historical soul.

holiday in history Ireland

© Ballyvolane House – Fermoy (Ireland)

From antiquity to the 20th century, be it castle or station house, intoHistory is devoted entirely to the promotion of genuinely historical accommodation in Europe. Have a browse round and discover our selection of historic hotels, inns, guest houses, B&B and holiday rentals, each with its own history, personality and a host of recommendations for your stay.

holiday in history Barcelona

© Hotel Circa 1905 – Barcelona (Spain)

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Go on–succumb to the delights of an ‘away from it all’ stay in an historical setting!


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Continue to enjoy your posts. Thx for taking what must be a lot of time to run your site. Certainly appreciated!

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