Selection of historical properties

How are the historical properties presented on the intoHistory website selected?

  • Either intoHistory discovers them through the multiple online tourism promotion channels (tourist offices, forums, blogs, social networks, customers opinion platforms …),
  • or they are suggested by “history buffs” attracted by intoHistory’s approach,
  • or owners of historic sites get in touch with intoHistory directly.

In every case, these locations are given a “heritage” evaluation to assess their authenticity and ability to provide their guests with an “into history” experience (see appreciation criteria).

In a first phase, this evaluation relies on the information provided by the owners (history of the location, renovation work carried out, cultural sighs, promotion of its heritage dimension…). A careful analysis of the photos (in particular the rooms) generally suffices to capture a period atmosphere if this has been preserved. intoHistory tries then to visit the ancient dwelling as soon as possible to confirm its first impression and strengthen personal contacts with the accommodation’s representatives.

The opinions of the guests who enjoyed the hospitality of the place will then give a further assessment about the historical inspiration potential of each of the properties presented.

Udine - Castello di Strassoldo (Italy)

(c) Castello di Strassoldo – Udine

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