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Stay in an irish lighthouse

Stay at a lighthouse in the wildest areas of IrelandFor hundreds of years lighthouses have helped seafarers find their way. Now they shine their light on a truly unique experience around the stunning coastline of Ireland: ‘Stay at a lighthouse’. Great Lighthouses of Ireland is a new all-island tourism initiative, developed by the ...


Treat yourself to a stay in history in the green and mysterious heart of the ArdenneAnyone who is familiar with the Ardenne (Belgium) will know how enchanting the place is with its winding valleys, its charming villages, its wild forests, and its characteristic landscape of craggy rocks and sparkling streams. It is a region that has been inhabited since the beginning of time, ...

Bruges by night

Intimate stays in the Venice of the NorthBruges thrills its visitors with the beauty of its ramparts and canals, its beguinage, monumental churches and numerous palaces, so many survivors which recount the history of the clout wielded by entrepreneurial and wealthy Flanders. Bruges invites you along its busy streets, higgledy-piggledy ...

Touring clubs

Discovering Europe and its treasures on two or four wheelsintoHistory is proud to have entered into partnership with Touring (up until recently, the Touring Club de Belgique), a dynamic network that now has a membership of over 420,000 motorists and travellers, which gives us the chance to focus on the history of touring clubs that first came into ...

Stay in History!

Looking for a place to stay for your next trip in Europe?
How about slipping back into the past, and spending the night in another era, in the heart of a building brimming with the emotions of a bygone age?
intoHistory offers a choice of the finest historical accommodation: beautiful buildings and settings that still retain enough authenticity for their guests to indulge in a true period atmosphere! An experience to enjoy with your five senses, your imagination … and a host of feelings!
Discover these unique historic hotels, castle accommodation, historic guest houses, period B&B, holiday rentals, old boutique hotels and houses of character under the tab ‘Find a place to stay’.