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Champing, bivouacking in a church

Trying out a new and different kind of holiday in the UK . . . Unusual, authentic, ecological, exclusive, affordable, spacious, convivial, and inspiring are the positive comments made by pioneer ‘champers’ – a phenomenal new trend and English to the core! But what exactly is it? Capture the mystery of old churches and experience the ardour of those who ...

The imperial Innsbruck-Mechelen route celebrates its 500 years!Information is power. But how did people communicate over long distances before computers? And come to that, before electricity? It has become difficult for us to imagine the complications experienced by our ancestors in delivering messages prior to telecommunications which are such a part of ...

histoire du vin

Step into the traditional world of wine through the ages, through its myths and symbolsWhether wine-producing properties, inns, abbeys or old cellars, wine is intimately associated with a great many venerable country estates. Many celebrated vintages come to life through the pages on this site, ruby, pale straw, terracotta or old gold … but this noble beverage has a heritage all ...

châteaux-hôtels de Bourgogne

With genuinely unique accommodation for heritage and cultural tourism loversFor most lovers of period atmospheres, a stay in history implies ‘staying the night in a castle’, which is not surprising as these great residences were built to survive the centuries and to leave a lasting impression. Their imposing dimensions or the opulence they flaunt, can still impress, as ...

Stay in History!

Looking for a place to stay for your next trip in Europe?
How about slipping back into the past, and spending the night in another era, in the heart of a building brimming with the emotions of a bygone age?
intoHistory offers a choice of the finest historic accommodation: beautiful buildings and settings that still retain enough authenticity for their guests to indulge in a true period atmosphere! An experience to enjoy with your five senses, your imagination … and a host of feelings!
Discover these unique historic hotels, castle accommodation, historic guest houses, period B&B, holiday rentals, old boutique hotels and houses of character under the tab ‘Find a place to stay’.